About Us

The Leaman Exchange is made up of seven family members who love to create. 

This website is slowly being developed and will change over the next few months, thanks for your patience!

There are two very distinct aspects of the Leaman Exchange: creations and festivals. 

Locally, the family is mostly known for the many community festivals they have held on their property. From the Festival of Fright in October, to Open Farm Days in August, to Christmas at Leaman in December, there is always something to do down at the ranch. To stay up-to-date on all things festival and Leaman, visit our facebook page at Leaman Exchange. 

The family at Leaman love to create, design, and build together. It was from this passion that they collaborated together to create their first book 'Chippy Finds His Home', about a local lake monster legend. They're working to get representation from all of the family members on this website, so you can enjoy their creative expression. 

Thanks for your support from the family at Leaman, 

David, Leanne, Maddy, Andrew, Levi, Georgia and Eloise